On Death and Dying

February has turned out to be a really strange month for me, a lot of deaths, both professionally and personally.

I was particularly shocked by the passing of a good high school friend, who went into cardiac arrest while playing sports. I was honestly too scared to workout like I normally do, seems the reaper is hiding in all sorts of corners you wouldn’t normally suspect.

It shook me because I’d already learned this big life lesson, that you live for your Eulogy, for your legacy. Your children, your career, those are legacies.

But how does one leave a legacy when they’ve barely begun?

The answer is the same whether you are 30 or 80. Live for your Eulogy. your life is your legacy, how you move about the world, how you impact others. Nobody gives a crap what your tax bracket was, what car you had, or fancy house you lived in.  Your kindness to others, your passion, your humor, those are the little things people remember in the end.

So there’s no need to walk around scared shitless that something could happen to you any time you step outside, always be ready.  That’s the secret to not freaking out, always be ready. A list of “actionables”

-Go to bed with a clear conscience – finish any unfinished business as best are you can

-Get your ish together- k do your loved ones a favor and have some sort of will or your estate details together somewhere.

-Live with integrity- let your values and your life align

-Live YOUR truth- whatever that is

-Every once in a while ask, “if I die tomorrow, what would you regret? “


2019 Goals

The holidays have just begun, but I feel like jumping to my favourite part of this time of the year, goal setting.

I know I should probably review last year’s goals but there’s still time to do that, right now I’m bubbling with all kinds of ideas.

The more I set resolutions the better I become at this goal setting thing. The thing I’ve learned this year is that you have to set up system goals AND specific goals. I.e. Its important to set up monthly goals, not just big ole resolutions, but its also important to have a specific goal.



Participate in triathlon – August

Lose 4 inches of my waist-

System goal- have a quarterly challenge/focus.



Rock climb

Go hiking – like yellow stone, or like grand canyon

I saw a really pretty photo of people paddleboarding in the grand canyon and I want to try this.

Finally learn the motocycle



Get into the nursing program



  • get at least 720 credit my april. Keep up good habits, to see how high it can get by end of the year
  • Save **** amount, lol. Start saving up for a future how down payment.
  • Reduce a small loan.


  • Learn the fiddle
  • Brush up on Piano


This are my main ones for now. Next step? I’m going to write an action plan with dates on it. I still like to have monthly goals build in, i.e  seasonal bucketlist, try new recipes 1* month, have a reading list, but its nice to have something more concrete you can feel good about crossing off.

2018 Goals

So I absolutely love yearly reviews. My birthday is in December, so between birthday resolutions and the New year, I take my resolutions seriously. Over the years I’ve come to realize that setting up smaller or quarterly goals is the best way to achieve goals.

So, here’s a template I found and really liked, I think this would be a great monthly or quarterly review, so here goes:

A bad habit I’m going to break: Less time on social media.

A new skill I’d like to learn: Re-acquaint myself with music- Guitar, ukulele, sight reading.

A person I hope to be more like: My uncle,

A good deed I’m going to do: Set up a scholarship for someone. Adopt a family in a disaster area.

A place I’d like to visit: Vegas, Texas, Cinci, Kenya?

A book I’d like to read: War of art, reread Creative habit

A letter I’m going to write:  Thank you notes, maybe a care package to someone overseas.

A new food I’d like to try: Escargo? Persian recipe?

I’m going to do better at:  Keeping contact with friends and family,

2017 Favourites



Motor cross, Circ-d’or, Bear growl, 4th of july weekend

June memories, Lin’s baby shower, Nephew, Time with the extended family.

Shaving my sides.


Massive action week, Monthly Visual board, Sharma’s 5 rituals of success, Bujo- monthly faves



Vintage beauty routine

Ole Henrekson

Greatest achievement

Bought a CD, Went back to school, Mr. Romano’s class


Music- Spotify- silk sheets, study vibes, Yemi Alade, Tekno Miles, Soundcloud playlists

Shows- Travelers, SG1, Rick and Morty, Game of thrones, Gay of thrones,

Books read- Audio books- Gone girl, girl on a train, Night circus,

Youtubers- Nikki blackketter, Maxx Chewwning , Roxie Beckles,  Paris Nicole fitness,

IG- Yukiko, Mo

Things learned

It all means nothing if you don’t have people to share it with

Don’t let anyone steal your joy, including yourself

Live your best life now. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Sometimes that means jumping out of a plane, sometimes its just as simple as savouring your morning cup-o Joe

Show me what your day looks like I’ll tell you where you will be in 5 years

Life is tough, buckle up buckeroo. From cindy

Sometimes little Crisis’ happen to remind us to get our shit together

Don’t panic, come up with a solution.

Show me what your day looks like I will show you where u will be in 5 years.


2018 Goals

Main theme- 3 C’s

  • Conscientious, Certainty, Career
  • Finish what you start

Do at least one major thing my future self will thank me for.

Specific goals:

-30 day challenges – Bucketlists, writing prompts, photo challenges,

-Learn/perfect a major skill.( master of one vs jack of all trades

-Travel at least once.









Prince. Pure genius. I don’t get overly emotional when public figures die. But I’m at a loss here. Being a 90’d kid, I didn’t know much about him. But I caught him riffing not too long ago, and I was in awe.  Pure talent. A true artist. The likes of Jimmy Hendricks, MJ. Just pure talent. Kind of talent you don’t see any more. If anything, I hope this tragedy will influence younger audience to discover his music.  R.I.P prince.

Snippet of the man’s talent



I’m back

I’m baaaack.  I just realized I love journaling what I do, and well I’ve got a gazillion note books, and some of my experiences may end up lost. But with a blog, it will always be there…well unless some sort of server disaster happens, but that hasn’t happened yet. So, let’s get on with it